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Operating system design With the popularity of free software

Operating system design

With the popularity of free software, the computer "Geeks" around the world has begun to think about the design of the operating system. Because free operating systems currently online allow for changes and redistribution, some enterprising must begin to reflect on the design of their own free software operating system. So, how are you about your own operating system design? First, you must understand the components of an operating system.

Most operating system designs involve a software component called core, responsible for physical abstraction and resource management. The kernel is present at any time to all applications running on the system and defines a special mechanism, called the call for a system, by which applications can make requests. Most architectural decisions of the operating system design concern exactly what role the core should play in the operating system architecture.

Modern processors include the ability to change privilege levels for different tasks. Lower privilege levels are denied the possibility of directly accessing certain material resources or material resources. In this way, for example, applications can not read directly from the hard disk. This is very important when the operating system must guarantee security because an application that can be read from the disk without the nucleus becoming involved can bypass the access control to the files on this disk.
The nucleus of the operating system is very important for the design of the operating system. Most operating systems use the monolithic core. In this design, the operating system abstraction and resource management code is fully placed in the operating system core, mapped in each process.

There are many other components that go in the design of the operating system you will need to think if you want to undertake this type of project. Although the kernel is certainly the most important component of an operating system, you will also need to answer the following:

  • Starting the system
  • Device devices and drivers
  • Process
  • Memory management
  • File systems
  • Networks
  • User interface
  • Real time
  • Software compatibility
  • Default tolerance
However, when designing an operating system, your most important task must be security. You want to be sure that your design system design is security. If you want your operating system design to take the world by the storm, you must provide people who will use it a sense of security that will ensure their system will not be violated.

In this exciting technological time, it is possible to design your own operating system if you are not satisfied with the choices you currently have. Pay attention to different components All operating systems must have, then use your imagination to design an operating system that you can be proud!